The lesson unit uses the documentary ‘India: A Dangerous Place to be a Women’ made by BBC after the 2012 rape incident of ‘Nirbhaya’, the atrocity of which shook the entire world. The victim died of severe injuries incurred during the attack after thirteen days of treatment. Even though the number of rape cases reported in India is way less than most of the countries, that is no evidence of the fact that there are no rapes taking place. There are times when the violence is not reported for the fear of social stigma or the fact that women are oppressed and they end up living in shame their entire lives. Apart from addressing the issue of rape, the curriculum also focuses on Female Infanticide, Dowry, Child-marriage, Acid Throwing, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Eve Teasing and Sexual Harassment. These are issues pertinent not just to India but many countries hence it can be used globally to promote ways to combat gender inequality. The key to overcoming this inequality is to understand the factors that cause it and focus on it with an inside out approach rather than just superficial methods of eradication.