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Know Your UDHR
(Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

The first step towards being able to claim one's human rights, is to know about them. What better to learn than 'Know Your UDHR' or 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights'. The UDHR provides "foundation for just and decent future for all, and has given people everywhere powerful tool in the fight against oppression, impunity and affronts to human dignity"(UDHR,1948). It contains 30 articles, which form the basis of many international human rights and humanitarian laws and mechanisms.
With this ongoing photo project, I intend to involve people from all walks of life to learn about the UDHR, pick the 'human right' they feel most strongly about, and work with me to turn it into a photo that they can share with all.
Right to Food and ShelterRight to Social SecurityRight to PrivacyFreedom of MovementRight to Fair TrialRight to EducationWe are all born Free and EqualRight to NationalityFreedom of MovementWe have rights no matter where we goRight to LifeFreedom of ExpressionEquality before LawFreedom of ExpressionWe are all born Free and Equal